An Introduction to ARES™Amateur Radio Emergency Service, and Amateur Radio,
in King County and Western Washington State, USA

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Yaesu FT-100 radio

"One Ham's Opinion and Experiences":

Presentation to Puget Sound Yacht Club

October 19th, 2023

WinLink 2000, An Introduction (February 2013)

WinLink 2000 Web Site

An Introduction to APRS for Seattle ACS [February 27th, 2016]

A Gentle Introduction to APRS™

(July 2012 presentation to the Seattle Red Cross Comm Team) (the Home of APRS)

N7CFO's Home Page Some Excellent Links from Lynn Burlingame [N7CFO]

Pacific Northwest Hamfairs & Events

Western Washington Amateur Radio Licensing Classes, Training Classes and Examination Sessions

American Radio Relay League
Introduction to Ham Radio in the United States:

Ham Radio and Scouting:

Kirkland EmComm Team, affiliated with ARES ("Amateur Radio Emergency Service"):

King County ARES and RACES:

King County ARES/RACES Frequencies:

Redmond ARES :

Federal Way Amateur Radio Club:

Maple Valley Amateur Radio Club and ARES:

City of Seattle, Emergency Management page:

Seattle ACS: Auxiliary Communications Service:

Medical Services Team of Western Washington [WW7MST]

Shoreline Auxiliary Communications Service:

What is ARES ?
Amateur Radio Emergency Service (defined at TheFreeDictionary)

"What is ARES" at the ARRL web site

City of Medina, Emergency Preparedness


Woodinville ARES

Some Amateur Radio Clubs and Organizations in the Puget Sound area:

Lake Washington Ham Club

Puget Sound Repeater Group:
PSRG: Puget Sound Repeater Group

Mike and Key Amateur Radio Club, in Renton:

New! West Seattle Amateur Radio Club:

Some miscellaneous Ham- and Radio-related links that may be of interest to you:
Wikipedia articles:

Amateur Radio:

What is a Repeater?:

HowStuffWorks articles:

How Amateur Radio Works:

Lastly, for your entertainment:  Why is it called "Ham Radio" ??

Bill Thomassen
Callsign: N6NBN
Seattle ACS
Medical Services Team
Lake Washington Ham Club
Seattle Red Cross Comm Team


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